Lot # 16: Feast for a King - Exquisite Versailles-Inspired Dinner

Who is not enchanted by the alluring history of Versailles? The fascinating and controversial era of Louis XIV? The eccentric personality facets of Le Roi Soleil, the opulence and grandeur of the Palace itself and the great engineers of the famous Jardin à la Française? We invite you to tour through the history of this era during an unforgettable dinner party prepared by your hosts, Tania and Stéphane Hauradou.

Spend an evening with Céline Glon, professional tour guide and founder of Et Voilà Paris. As an experienced French lecturer, she will share with you the riveting stories of ceremony, spectacle and scandal that surround Versailles, while you indulge in a feast fit for a king.

While you delve into the dramas that defines 17th century France, your party of six will enjoy a multi-course dinner fit for a king in the beautiful home of Tania and Stéphane.
Unwind as your palate is treated to the delectable culinary creations of your hosts. You’ll enjoy specialty, seasonal French cuisine and be treated like royalty. Of course, an evening celebrating French history would be incomplete without the essential accompaniment to any fine dining experience, le vin! Stéphane becomes "le sommelier du roi" and opens his cave to share his best wines “digne d’un dîner à la cour”. Indulge in an exceptional line-up of wines to accentuate each course and inspire and delight the senses. Just as you think your dining experience has reached its royal heights, your host Tania will spoil you with her pièce-de-résistance, her exquisite French desserts.

This is truly one dinner party that surely would have made history in the infamous Château de Versailles.

  • 60-minute lecture/discussion on Versailles history at the Hauradou home
  • Multi-course wine paired dinner with dessert for 6
  • Scheduled on a mutually agreed upon date
  • Excludes Sundays
  • Adult-only event
  • Expires March 23, 2020

Donors: Céline Glon and Tania & Stéphane Hauradou