Lot # 12: Instant Wine Cellar

If the saying “one can never have enough wine” is true, then this lot is for you. Returning to Gala for the second year, here’s your chance to take home an eclectic collection of wines in ISTP’s Instant Wine Cellar. Featuring a surprise selection of delicious and varied vintages which are sure to evoke all forms of flavors and more!

Each Gala guest was asked to contribute one special bottle of wine to our Instant Cellar, something they would bring to a friend’s house for dinner - there may be as many as 75 bottles (or more!) in this collection. Be the winning bidder who goes home with a stockpile of delectable wines and a story to share each time you bring out a personalized bottle to enjoy.

With such a unique and diverse collection, the winner of this lot will surely be the “toast of the town”!

Donors: Thank you to the many Gala attendees who contributed a bottle of wine to make this fabulous auction lot possible.