Lot # 23: Fund-a-Need

In 1979, founder Charlotte de Géry opened the doors of our school, with a class of only nine pupils. From this modest beginning, it is dizzying to look back and see our school’s incredible growth – from nine students in one classroom to a thriving school of 560+ students over 11 grades, two language programs, two campuses, and now a partnership for an international high school.
As the world and the area have transformed around us, we have continued to adapt, innovate, grow, and thrive. For 24 of these 41 years, our visionary Head of School Philippe Dietz has been central to our success – beginning as Assistant Head in 1996 and serving as Head since 2004.

Philippe’s leadership, intelligence, good humor, and unending dedication have been invaluable in our last quarter century of development. His openness to innovation – always encouraging both his faculty/staff and himself to learn and change – has played the decisive role in positioning us as Silicon Valley’s leading bilingual program, increasingly recognized on the international stage. 

Although this is an exciting new era of evolution for our school, it is also bittersweet, as Philippe bids us farewell. To thank Philippe for all he has done, we believe that the perfect parting gift would be to give to the Charlotte de Géry Endowment, helping us finally reach our longstanding Endowment goal. 

Philippe originally spearheaded the creation of the Charlotte de Géry Endowment with the purpose of ensuring a long-term stable financial foundation for our school. The full maturation of the Endowment would set our school up for another quarter century of success, giving Philippe the gift of reassurance as he retires from the community he loves so much.
Philippe says, “As I retire, I inevitably look back, but I also think about the future of this school that means so much to me. I have been able to see generations of students pass through our halls, and my dearest wish is that many future generations of students will have this same opportunity for a bilingual, international education. For me, helping to build our Endowment would truly be an incredible gift, because I would know that the work I have done is being carried forward into the future.”

Our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan stipulates that we cannot begin to use any funds generated by the Endowment until it reaches $6 million. As of today, we are so close to attaining our goal, and we decided to dedicate the Fund-a-Need (as well as all proceeds from this year’s Gala) to reaching the finish line. 

The mature Endowment would generate around $200,000 in interest each year, which would go directly into the budget. This funding will be put towards teacher salaries, to help us attract and retain the best teachers while balancing the cost of living here in Silicon Valley. The extra room in each year’s budget would also give us the flexibility to enrich your child’s education even more. We have added MakerEd and design thinking, enhanced our computer science program, adding VR and digital art, and parcours and outdoor learning spaces in the past few years alone. Just imagine what else $200,000 extra each year could do to further enrich your child’s experience at school.

For this year’s Fund-a-Need, we have set the ambitious goal of raising $400,000.

So, let’s come together as a community and do this for our school – for our past, our present, and our future. For what we have been, what we are now, and what we can be. For our students, our teachers, and our community. For Philippe.