Lot # 18: Pong!

Leave the dads in charge of all the bedtime drama and escape for a unique moms’ night, filled with fun, food and strategy! ISTP parent and Interior Designer, Vivian Chen will host an evening of Mahjong at her stunning Palo Alto home for you and 11 friends. Appetizers, dessert and wine will be provided by popular food blogger, best-selling cookbook author, and dinner party extraordinaire, Jacqueline Pham Imran.

The Chinese game of Mahjong is a fast-paced, rummy-style game in which players attempt to form sets of three or four matching or sequenced tiles. Hugely popular around the world, Mahjong involves negotiation, strategy, and even cooperation to achieve the winning hand.

Whether you’re a seasoned player, or new to the game, Vivian will provide all the instruction you need for a great night. So, indulge in some friendly competition, prepare your game strategy, or simply cross your fingers for good fortune and hope that the tiles fall in your favor!

A moms-only night not to be missed!

  • Mahjong evening for 12 adults
  • Appetizers, dessert and wine/beverages provided
  • Moms only
  • Mutually agreed upon dates
  • Must book 30 days in advance

Donors: Vivian Chen and
Jackie Pham-Imran