Lot # 27: “Rev ‘n’ Ride!”

Is your child a daredevil adrenaline junkie, who craves adventure and the outdoors? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to treat him or her to the ultimate action experience with a full day’s motorcycle riding, designed especially for children!

The Bonnet Family invite your child for a full day of motorcycle riding at Metcalf Park in South San Jose with their sons, Alexi (10) and Lucas (11). Alexi and Lucas will welcome and introduce the new rider to a motorcycle adapted to his/her level. Based on size, skills and experience, the rider will have the choice between a 50cc and/or 110cc motorcycle.
The day will begin with the participant donning their protective gear, and Benjamin Bonnet walking him/her through a safety briefing on the proper handling of the motorcycles and park rules. The park is great for all riding levels. Beginners will practice on a flat area and learn to navigate around cones. Next they could move onto the mini MX track (with a few easy turns and bumps). The most adventurous will hit the trails!
The activity will be safe and full of action-packed fun. Reward your child on his or her hard work at ISTP with this thrilling children’s experience!
  • A full day of motorcycle riding for 1 child
  • Motorcycles - Honda 50cc and/or 110cc (automatic gears)
  • Safety gear: helmet, gloves, back & chest protector and as size permits, boots & pants
  • Lunch and drinks provided
  • For children between the age of 7 and 12 years old
  • To be scheduled on a mutually agreed-upon weekend between March and October 2019, outside of summer break (unless availability)

Donor: The Bonnet Family